here is a little about TPDG

TOPDOG is all about the extraordinary. It's like wearing your personality on the outside and saying, "Hey world, check out my awesome vibes!"

We're for the confident and the picky. We believe in the magical combination of sweat, style, and sex appeal. It's like wearing a magnet that attracts envious gazes wherever you go.

But seriously, enough with the blah blah blah!

In a nutshell, TOPDOG is for the jaw-dropping, the top-tier, and the "I-can't-take-my-eyes-off-you" kind of folks!

Oh, and did we mention? Our clothes are proudly made in Ukraine, with love and care in our very own factory.

We use only the finest Italian materials because, hey, when it comes to quality, we don't compromise.
Our main partner is the Institute of Leggings-Construction because, well, they're the cool cats of the fashion industry with brains and style to spare!