top RAVECHIK stone

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Top RAVECHIK for you, always ready to dive into any adventure! From raves to meeting your future mother-in-law!
And never be left without attention, both offline and online!
British scientists have proven that in the top RAVECHIK, you will gather 99.9999% more likes and views!
Corset design that visually enhances the bust and cinches the waist! At the same time, it's soft and doesn't restrict movement.
All of this is crafted by top-notch experts using the finest sports knitwear (made in Italy) and state-of-the-art equipment.

Material composition: 20% elastane Lycra-Sport, 80% polyamide.

Care: Gentle washing at temperatures up to 30 degrees, turn inside out before washing, avoid aggressive detergents, do not tumble dry. Excessive friction may lead to pilling; use a special fabric shaver for removal if needed.